Sunday, June 25, 2006

Meet me at Arthur's

It was a convergence of Big Day Out pals...and fellow blogspotters, when Stella and I met up at Arthur's in Paddington pre-show Sleepy Jackson. Her man, Hugh, was the lighting maesto and my man, Haydn, was production manager extraordinaire. Which meant we got to go to dinner ahead a time and skip on across the street and enjoy our guest list spot. Enjoyed the show too, sorta art rock, not too much angst even tho there could have been, and some Robert Smith-inspired make-up. All good things. And time with Stella and Emilie, who joined us at the show. The Big Day Out site office reunited -- if only there was a Silent Disco...ha!

But back to Arthur's, a classic brick oven pizza place. We got a bottle of Penfold's Shiraz from the bottle shop next door, -- served in champagne glasses cuz we're classy like that -- a rocket (arugula) and parmesan salad, a margherita pizza, and an eggplant/artichoke/other stuff pizza. Such tasty thin crust, garlicky pizza. We polished it off just as we realized the show had started and it was time to split.

Good times indeed to catch up on a rainy night over pizza at the end of the 9-5:30 week.

And a bonus photo for the Socceroos and for fans of public typos. We'll be watching at 1am tomorrow night. Very happy to still have the Aussies in the World Cup, but as Haydn said, if they would have lost at least he would have been able to get some sleep.

happy monday,


shinyruby said...

love it! congrations for making it out with me miss chunky! and congrations for girl power again (it took us a few months)!

and congrations for being the best speller out! : )


ann said...

my heart goes out to the socceroos. you were my favorite team to watch. i hope there is no rioting in the street.