Friday, February 17, 2006

The rainbow connection

Just thought I'd post this pic I took with my camera phone, not bad, eh? It's a Nokia. I was out and about with Emilie -- how cool to hang out outside the confines of the Big Day Out? -- and really dark, ominous skies rolled in over the beach. The lifeguards announced a big storm, including hail, coming our way. So we went back to her place for Idle Hands wine (her dad's vineyard) and to watch the storm. Lots of bolts of lightning followed by a very special rainbow so perfectly arched over the Pacific Ocean.

I took in the Camille Pissaro exhibit at the Art Gallery of New South Wales today -- just a stone's throw away from the Opera House where Kerry Packer's funeral was taking place (richest man in Australia...til he died, I suppose) and that none other than TomKat were attending! I could almost feel the crazy coming from that direction.


greggums said...

I wonder if TomKat is in Australia because the alien-baby OB-GYNs are closer to the mother ship there? Is there anything in "Dianetics" about the Homo Australopithecus (there's a double entendre in there somewhere for you, Mr. Cruise) being closer to the true anthro-alien form to which we are meant to aspire, and to which Mr. Cruise is so lately close to attaining. But more important, where was Your Nic (a different breed of alien: Robo-botoxian)?

shinyruby said...

ohh pretty! you scrub up pretty tops as a photographer type chick, hey! : )

we still on for thurs this week? Can't wait to see my chicks. xx

chunky toast said...

don't fret greggums, Our Rusty (Russel Crowe) delivered the eulogy. No Our Nic to be found, maybe she's shining her belt buckle and teasing her hair in Nashville?!

and Shinyruby, Thurs is totally on for me. we must get together to giggle like school girls!