Friday, February 24, 2006

The bureaucracy of summer

Oh the lovely summer days in Bondi. My days here are dwindling as many of you are aware of and I set off for the US of A on Monday the 27th. This last week has been a whirlwind of putting the visa application to bed. Rather nervewracking, but it will be sent off shortly after my departure. I can't be in Australia to apply for my residency, so I shall make my triumphant and tanned return to the shores of California to visit Rosa in SFO and then Sara in the greater Reno/Tahoe area before getting back to Wisconsin. To those who got anything notarized for us, I salute ye!

A couple of nights ago we had a wonderful summer dinner over at Langer's, hosted by Tom (aka Langers) and the lovely Cass. Her sister Melana also joined, and Elvis the dog kept us all entertained and in good spirits. The menu was guac and artichoke dip, followed by an amazing salad of grilled lamb, feta and mangoes on lettuce. It was accompanied by Tom's very special au gratin/creamy/cheesy/yummy potatoes. And perhaps a glass or two of vino. Topped off with this very pretty dessert of fruit and cream.

And today was just a classic beachy Bondi day for me with yoga and then a couple of hours laying out in the sun. And perhaps a stop of Oporto for a chicken burger. I took a pic to sorta capture the day at the beach, with all beach accountrement and the sort of lazy, sandy, peacefulness that goes with it...

I don't want to say this will be the last post form this side of the International Dateline, so will make sure to get another in before I leave...


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