Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prior to departure

A summer thunder and lightning storm has been going while I pack, and while I take lots of breaks from packing. Need to figure out all the different cords/chargers/adapters etc that I need to bring back. Too confusing.

Nothing confusing about what a great weekend I had here, packed with loads of "new" friends who have become simply and wonderfully friends. Big Day Out par-tay Friday night, haircut in Leesa's backyard Saturday, tapas with Joeley and Natalie Saturday night, breakfast/beach/Bondi Markets/Beach Road Hotel with Rachel, Morgan, Emilie, Jimmy...a whole cast of characters!

And true to form no matter what country I am in, there was Thai food ordered in and an episode of Entourage tonight.

Tomorrow is the looooong flight back and I will have February 27th twice...but chunkytoast will forge ahead even in the land of toasted sourdough, bagels, and pop tarts. The first stop on the US Visa Tour 2006 is San Francisco!


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shinyruby said...

hello sweet chunky! we're missing you here already!! Did you land safely and are you well? hope you're not too jetlagged m'dear!

hurry up and come back soon now, ok? xxxx

ps - looking so forward to hearing about all your US eating adventures!