Monday, February 20, 2006

A little spotlight

So, it was delicately brought to my attention that perhaps culinary creations by Haydn haven't been spotlighted much lately on the ol' chunkytoast. Well, I think it's been awhile since there have been creations by Haydn around here, we've slipped into a take-away habit since Big Day Out. However, with Joeley's birthday yesterday, Haydn was up early and out to our good friend Sam the Organic Butcher for bacon and to procure other items for the big celebratory breakfast.

The real piece de resistance, though, was the bruschetta he made with fresh basil and about 4 cloves of garlic. Delicious and not strange at all to have at brunch because it involved 1)toast and 2)a fresh topping of sorts.

It was a pretty hot weekend in Bondi, so I was at the beach Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a quick swim in the cold water. Let's not mention Sunday's swim and my getting completely tossed. Haydn told me he waited for us to get to shore to laugh at me. He is a much more seasoned ocean swimmer than me, that's for sure. Altho, I have to wonder how well he would do in a pair of ice skates on Lake Wingra...

It was over to Jimmy and Michelle's for a BBQ last night. There was even another American in the house! And the menu was a bit American in spirit, one could say, with hamburgers, sausages, potatoes. Haydn manned the grilled, Michelle manned all sides and condiments, and Jimmy played Gomez, and then some more Gomez. Good times, per always!

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