Saturday, February 11, 2006

Go West, young woman!

So, the burning question? Do they have the internet in Western Australia? Yes, they do. They even had wifi in the hotel lobby, but I didn't bring my computer and Haydn's was on the fritz and there was lots of other stuff to do, so here with a bit of backlog are the highlights from Perth, Fremantle, and Rottnest Island, in two parts.

I arrived in Perth Saturday and it was totally hot, but totally friendly, and about 3 minutes from the airport, the shuttle bus hit another car. I was off for an exciting trip, and a bit of a headache. After that hiccup, it was full steam ahead. Perth seems to have some major contrasts going on, you gotta love that. I think this pic sums it up.

There are some majorly tall skyscrapers alongside the friendly Main Street of yore. It's a pretty quiet place, things shut early, but very green, and open, and pretty. Here are some other highlights. I like the friendly kangaroos taking a little sip from a fountain, the ambassadors of Perth if you will. That same Sunday morning, day of show at the Big Day Out, I wandered into the city center and happened upon an old-timey car show. Shortly after taking the pic, everyone climbed into their respective cars -- some of them in period garb -- and toodled off, probably to a fairground to drink some sassparella, I imagine. And, I lounged and ate some breakfast, along with Reese Witherspoon featured on the Sunday newspaper magazine.

Then after a dip in the pool alongside punk rock legend Iggy Pop (who gave me his sunchair after he left -- everyone in Perth is nice!) it was on to the Big Day Out to take in the music and the scene. This show was about half the size of the Sydney show in terms of crowd. 25,000 is much more manageable than 55,000 punters on Australia Day. I took a prelimiary wander and was quite delighted to see rival Bratwurst stands in the food area! I opted for the one with the big German flag on its sign. And the guy fixed up the brat nicely with onions, ketchup, and brown mustard. I spied the sauerkrat and asked for some of that as well -- much to his suprise. Little did he know he was dealing with a Wisconsin native.

From there it was bands, bands, bands. Caught some Sarah Blasko, Magic Numbers (great harmonies, jangly fun, and a woman on bass to reckon with), Kings of Leon at the Main Stage (pictured with Haydn on stage, heh), Franz Ferdinand, and the incredible noise/art/rock of the Mars Volta. 8 song set list for an hour and a half time slot. A great day of wandering, tho the kids start to get a bit unruly and gross by dark. Festivals are so much better with an all access pass!

And that wraps it up for part I of my Western Australia sojourn. Up next Fremantle and Rottnest Island...



shinyruby said...

oh sweet chunky, you're back! good to hear from you. perth sounds great - good you actually got the chance to be a punter as well. bit of a different view from in the office, huh!

can we catch up soon? pleeeeease? xx

Big Brother Watching said...

Please tell me two things,
1) Rottnest Island used to be a leper colony
2) There was slime on Iggy Pop's chair

Anonymous said...

Tara, we loved your pictures and adventures in Perth and the surrounding area. It's nice to see that you sunk your teeth into a bratwurst. Dad wants to know if they serve Miller beer there? Mom