Monday, January 01, 2007

We're all 2007

Well, I think everyone is pretty much in 2007 now, except for maybe Hawaii. But I'm at the end of Jan 1 2007 and it's back to the routine tomorrow and work and all that, so here are some pics from the last week or so. Haydn and I headed north to Queensland and got some major quality time in at Straddie. This was when Haydn still liked Straddie and we ate big meals at night and fell asleep at 9pm (well at least I did, it must be the sea air...).

We headed to Brisbane for Christmas day, which was not nearly as hot this year as last when I thought I might melt away before dessert. But dip in the pool and a new baby, Avah, at the fesitivities made it quite a lovely day.

Boxing Day it was back to Straddie with Haydn's family and pretty much most of Brisbane, but oddly enough it rained Tues, Weds, and Thurs. Cabin fever didn't get the best of us and we soldiered on through our daily routine, fearlessly never missing a 5pm happy hour on the veranda.

The sun did come out on Friday and it was beach and sun and SPF. I was sad to leave on Saturday, with the kids still at Straddie for a few more days, but alas it was back to the big smoke of Sydney for us. And Haydn had already fired off a letter to the editor of the Stradbroke Island News about lack of friendly service and lack of services, so it was time to get back to the land where things stay open past 3pm and you can buy a steak from the butcher because 1) he isn't the only one and 2) it's not under renovation. But I do love dear Straddie for all it's quirks, but mostly for the time with our fam. I'm glad to say we made it up to Dover Heights for a spectacular view of the city (but not very spectacular photos, sorry) of the fireworks. Biggest fireworks display in the world they say, and I believe it.

And now our photo recap...

Haydn on one of our overcast days

Newest niece, Avah. Her brother Jack took the picture.

Haydn, Ella and Jack dancing to the Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Jack & Ella, enjoying the sunshine and its icy treats

Jack & Tara

Happy New Year!

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