Sunday, January 14, 2007

stocking up

It's been a pretty quiet weekend around here, in fact I did not leave Bondi nor did I get in a car or on a bus. So nice! We even went to the beach today with approx 20,000 other people.

But it's that time of year, almost time for another Big Day Out tour for Haydn. He's taking off on Tuesday to meet up with The Killers in Auckland, but first and foremost he had to make sure I was well-fed in his absence. So last night he made a massive quantity of bolognese sauce. We had some spag bol for dinner (thanks for bowls, dave!) and then I put the rest of the sauce into 3 tupperware containers for reserve. Here is the sauce in progress:

So I'm well looked after. And there are rumors that there could be a burrito fund left for me as well, so as to carry out further research at the new Beach Burrito Bar at North Bondi. Yes, folks, that's right there is a burrito place a mere 10 minute walk from the apartment. This is terribly exciting, but the burritos so far seem somewhat adequate, which is ok considering there are no other burrito places. I did quite enjoy a mole chicken burrito the other night, but I think the key to this place may be the build your nachos option. Further analysis to come...


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