Tuesday, January 23, 2007

haydn's diner, coming soon

I think June and Ward Cleaver have moved into Bondi, with the arrival of our ebay-tastic kitchen table today, coinciding with our greatly-anticipated shipment of Fiestaware (it literally came on the slow boat to australia), plus the classic Johnston family line-up of cannisters. We're very circa 1957. Check it! So how did we celebrate? Why, with ordering Thai food and eating on our respective couches. June and Ward would frown upon this I'm sure.

This new, stylish kitchen seems perfect for Haydn's legendary breakfasts and flat whites, so I'm dubbying it Haydn's Diner on weekends. However, there are rumours circulating that Haydn's Diner might have a soft opening on Friday morning, Australia Day. But due to other work commitments, this means he will close the kitchen at 9:30am. So, it's the early bird special or nothing. I haven't confirmed if Moons Over My-Hammy will be on the menu. Stay tuned.


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