Friday, January 19, 2007

Nachos, take 1

So with a lovely summer evening before me and a work week behind me, I thought it a good time to try Beach Burrito Co. again. The place was pretty busy, but not annoyingly so for a Friday. I went for the design your own nachos and put on rice, cheese, green chili salsa, and roja salsa. Chips: salty, thick, fresh. Roja salsa: good quality. Green salsa: thick, and a real treat to have the green kind. Rice: orange, but not clumpy. Cheese: hmm....this is where things went awry. They didn't melt it. Nachos, cheese not melted. I was tempted to ask them to throw it into the microwave, but couldn't be bothered. And then I started to get jealous of the quesadillas of the girl at the table next to me.'s what I'm thinking: stick with the burritos, maybe even the tacos and then add on some green salsa.

I just don't get the non-melting of the cheese. It was a ton of food tho and it looked lovely and my tummy is full.

And here you go:

happy weekend,

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