Monday, October 16, 2006

on the green, nearly

After Friday and Saturday's heatwave, a wind blew in Saturday night and gave us a cool, overcast, sort of questionable Sunday. But not questionable enough to rain on Langer's birthday party at the Bronte Bowls Club. Yes, Bowls as in lawn bowling, as in the civilized pasttime of cold midis (half size beers), framed pictures of Queen Elizabeth II in the clubhouse, manicured lawns (not very green, I imagine bc of the DROUGHT), and good ol' friendly competition. Except don't ask Geoff (pictured below) about friendly competition bc the closest my bowl got all day to the jack and it was smacked aside on the last bowl of the game by the ruthless Geoff (in action, below).

I wonder if that is how good ol' TK Shakespeare, who dedicated the club in the 1950s would have played? I imagine so.

So, we grilled out sausages, little kids ran through the green as an added level of difficulty, and fun was had by all on a Sunday afternoon.


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