Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New frontiers

It's late, I'm tired, my belly is full, but I thought it very important to report that we have joined the ranks of maybe a few thousand other people in Australia with our broadband hook up. We're a wireless family and when anyone comes to visit, feel free to logon to our network, the Johnstons, and I'll give you the password.

So, with the wifi in effect, we feasted on roasted chicken, potatoes and pumpkin tonight, thanks to Haydn's never-ending culinary talents.

Wow, this pic uploaded fast!

Good night,


ann said...

I think I'm officially not allowed to read chunkytoast before lunch. mmmm...chicken.

Congratulations on your nesting for the new millenium.

greggums said...

Sure, speedy internet connections's swell, but with it comes the responsibility of more frequent chunkytoast updates. All of America wants to know: what's cooking in the Carter-Johnston kitchen??

shinyruby2 said...

i agree - more updates! ;)

yum, chicken looks good (and i don't even eat chicken!) xx