Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jack O'Lantern

Happy Halloween and here is my dear little pumpkin, all come to life. I didn't have any trick or treaters, but saw a scattering of them in the 'hood as I walked home from Bondi Road tonight.

I wish this picture included my little favorite neighbor dog, who I have decided to call Reggie. He's an old dog who just hangs out in his yard and is docile and reliable, and I think he was sniffing things out when I took this pic.

I'm making my little playlist for the upcoming nuptials, so if you're coming this is your chance to make a request. And if you're not coming, this is your time to make your long distance dedication! Just remember, I have veto power. And so does our friend Adam who is DJing/curating the evening's music.

Happy Halloween,

1 comment:

greggums said...

Jack looks great all aglow like that! Nicely done.

Is it wrong to request "Freedom '90" for a wedding reception? It just has, like, you know, special ties to our former life in the West Village. A more widely acceptable choice to represent that era may be Pulp's "Common People," although Blur's "Boys and Girls" has a nice reminiscent kick to it.

I guess "It's Gettin' Hot in Hrrr" is just asking for trouble? I'm guessing "so take off all your clothes" is not the sort of thing you'll be encouraging ... an instruction to be reserved for the afterparty on the beach?