Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ode to The Pit

Really this should be an ode to Uz and Kathie, dear friends who date back to the era of Gators soccer and Mrs. Becker's American Experience I class. These two got married in November and sadly I wasn't able to attend, but because they are some of my best friends they said "Go to Australia, don't delay your trip for the wedding." Or something as understanding as that.

So last night I headed out to quaint Mt. Horeb, the town of Norwegian Trolls and the world-famous Mustard Museum, to their exquisite house for dinner. We went old-school style and ordered Pizza Pit. Pizza Pit is slowly going extinct in Madison, but their thin crust pizza with the zesty sauce still remains a classic and reliable choice. And, I think anyone who grew up here in the 80s has a soft spot for the holiday commerical with "Let It Snow" and a little Chevette driving thru a Mr. Rogers-esque neighborhood while flour is dumped down, burying the car as it continues on it quest to deliver the Pit. Ahhh, the nostalgia.

But we had a great time, hanging by the fire with the dogs Chloe and Brutus and just chatting and catching up. And I told them they would be my subject for the blog! Holla!

Today is yet another stop on the Wifi tour of Madison and I'm hanging out at the Victor Allen's on Whitney and Odana. The vanilla latte is a bit heavy on the vanilla, but that's the risk with these types of things.

have a nice weekend,


Lucy said...

Oh my God, I want the Pit right now! If I was home I would order a medium pizza with 'roni and onions, my absolute fave. I can taste the sauce right now! Soon my dear, soon, I hope we can split one on Prairie Road.

D. Pausch said...

VA has gone soft. In my day, the barista who made your drink would have been flogged and docked a day's pay for that excess vanilla. Harrumph!