Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicago, in fashion

The word on the street is: Freezing! If you can say that thru the 5 layers of scarf wrapped around your head. Yep, here I am in Chicago and March, and have found the warm, cozy hipster-populated Filter coffee place. Where the Macs outnumber the PCs by about 3 to 1. It feels like an Onion article I read a couple of weeks ago...hmm, who can I bill for this post? I did meet up my friend Adam today for a totally greasy spoon Chicago lunch -- these days are made for chili and a grilled cheese. My only regret was not taking a pic!

So, yes, in the Midwest. Made a stop in St. Louis, Haydn and I even sang selections from my favorite musical, "Meet Me in St Louis" in honor of our rendezvous there. A meeting of favorite bands occurred when the Mess Hall opened for Wilco at the Pageant. My inability to take digital photos in dark places, ie concent venues, is going to really make me dig into the instruction manual or find some handy tips on the web, tho...

And, in old friends news, it seems beards to be in for Winter 2006, which is rather practical right now.

A lovely listening experience of note yesterday. I took an Amtrak train from St. Louis and Chicago -- which seems like a pretty old-timey route doesn't it? -- and the travel experience was heightened with a listening through of Sufjan Steven's "Illinois" whilst crossing the state. Bare trees, unkempt backyards, old signs, open fields and then into Chicago.

And here I am, with Lucy's handmade scarf on, it's keeping me alive! I do love Chicago, but am missing Bondi right now.



ann said...

oh no, sunburnt nose has been replaced by cold nose. By the time you get out east you'll be victorian white like the rest of us.

greggums said...

It seems that chunkytoast and its style editors, in choosing to feature Mssrs. Johnston and Stirratt at their most hirsuite, are trendsetters yet again. Today the NY Times chimes in on the vogue in beardedness in an important article titled "Paul Bunyan, Modern-Day Sex Symbol":

chunky toast said...

hmm, well, it figures the NY Times Styles jumps on a trend the minute it is done...Haydn just got it shaved off by my dad's barber at ye olde Barber Shoppe.