Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm with the band

Writing from the capital of the Lone Star State, Austin, Texas and indie/alt/unsigned band capital of the world, SXSW. I noted to Haydn at the convention hall today that SXSW must have the highest percentage of conference attendees wearing Converse All Stars, unless there is of course an actual Converse All Star convention, which is highly likely.

So a little back track first, to my chilly Madison afternoon on State Street with my mom. I went to old time favorite from grad school days, Amy's Cafe, where they aren't messing around by putting the "cheese" first in their Cheezy Broccoli soup. Delish and kept us warm as the wind whipped. My mom kindly paused in the cold for a pic. And for those of you who have never made it to Madison, here is our state capitol building -- behold the majesty!

And, now, on to the Austin scene. I got in last night and walked up the frontage road near our hotel to the Papasito's Cantina, where I had an almost alarming amount of food served to me. Ahh, America! The enchilada was wonderful as was the margarita on the rocks.

Then I ventured downtown and met up with the illustrious Matthew Libman, who held my job before I did at Nonesuch and now is head Mover and Shaker at a label in LA. We stopped in many a place to see many a band, perhaps the most memorable was the leather-clad duo from Columbus, Ohio who were a bit Village People, a bit Devo or something like that. It had a good beat and was easy to dance to, smile at. That recommendation came from Haydn's friend Wildcat, bc I think if you're at a rock conference it is important to hang out with someone named Wildcat.

More to come tomorrow...if you're in Austin and reading this by any chance, meet me at the Jackalope at 1am for the Mess Hall show.


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greggums said...

Who's that dirty hippy longhair with the beard and his arm around you under the Matthew Libman entry?