Saturday, March 18, 2006


Thank you, Austin. For giving me the gift of Mexican food! Enchiladas Verde at Las Manitas for lunch , as breakfast really never happened.

Then there was a whole lot of Aussie BBQ today and Aussie bands and Aussie Chardonnay and the accent I haven't heard in the last couple weeks. There were meat pies, too, but I just wasn't feeling it. Always fun and strange to see people in another country that you really don't expect to another country. Those Aussies get around tho.

Then it was on to a sprawling Mexican restaurant of sorts where we met up with Haydn's old pals from Gomez, in addition of course to the heros of the evening, Jed and Cec who are collectively the Mess Hall.

I met up with a wonderful plate of food -- queso, a taco, and quac. I love how it is one staple and then two accompaniments, so good. Here's a before and after:

And, that's it. Adios.


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sam said...

omg, that taco! yum