Sunday, January 08, 2006

a quiet one around here

It's been a week of overcast days and afternoons at the library. I've been doing some non-chunkytoast writing and am at my most productive in a setting where other people are working away too. There is something about the quiet camaraderie (and wifi connection!) that keeps me motivated.

But the weekend has been a bit more sunny, a bit humid at times. We watched the movie "The Door in the Floor" the other night , very good in a creepily odd John Irving kind of way. But Jeff Bridges, always good. Always and forever The Dude. We ordered pizza from a place called Big John's. I wanted to try it because the name seemed like a great pizza place name and they have a neon sign, so I figured it was promising. It was pretty good -- in a bit of a pan-style Pizza Hut kind of way, which we need once in awhile.

On Saturday, Haydn worked very diligently to eradicate an annoying virus that had infiltrated my computer. We thought Macs didn't get viruses, but that was proven wrong.

So here I am, blogging on a Sunday. Went for a run this morning over to Bronte...still no Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams spotting there. Eventually they'll have to take a walk along the beach or something. But upon my return home, Haydn and I went to the shops and I got a Frosty Fruit (so good to have a fruity icy treat post-run) and some produce. I made a very Australia meets California kind of breakfast with avocado, cantaloupe/rock melon (it's rock melon in Oz), toast, and cheese. With a dash of Wisconsin in the form of Martha's Hot Mustard that was sent for Christmas. It's good mustard (and I think can be found at Woodman's in Madison), but my dad -- Martha's cousin -- and I always thought "hot" as a description was a bit off -- it's actually more sweet.

Dinner at Pops and Michelle's tonight, so I will bring the camera and I expect some BBQ'ing to be going on.

happy weekend!


sam said...

i think i have those same running shorts, T. not that i ever, ya know, run in them.

as always, your breakfast looks yummy.


chunky toast said...

sam, of course you have those shorts. so does lucy. they're from the Naves! However, with no Naves here, i'm totally orginal. ha.

Lucy said...

Oh I love it! Here we are a gazillion miles away from each other, wearing the same running shorts from the Naves. Wear them and think of me and I will do the same old running partner. How's the old chin doing? My right hip has been acting up lately, may actually get it x-rayed one of these days. Thinking of doing the Brooklyn Half this March...but training on Saturdays just won't be the same without you.

sam said...

dang, my ezboard link to pix of our heath and michelle and matilda didnt work.

Lucy said...

Chin/Shin does it really matter? The body is getting creaky!