Friday, January 27, 2006

the backup??

Wow, not sure I am meant to be here, but have broken in! The chunkytoast is a constant update for me as well, so I thought I would let you know what is happening down here.
Tara has been working on th Big Day Out site team here in Sydney, it is a big show (55K) and the biggest in Australia, so she has been working hard, long hours. I think it is currently 15 days straight and at least 12 hrs a day.
Food - which is apparently why we read, and here is me thinking it was so you all knew how great I am? Well there is catering and it is not bad, not sure what, but the day i was there was a nice steak and veg, so very Aussie.

As for me, as i know your dying to know, I am on the road, for the 2nd time in 12 months (nice!) with the Kings of Leon, very easy as i already knew them, and all they want is rock and ladies!

Big Day Out wise - I will review - White Stripes not seen, (some bad blood there!) Iggy wow, give it away, Franz please another drum beat, please. Sleter Kenny - so good, Magic Numers great and always drunk, as for the dance side not my scene so not worried. Crowds = ugly, Parties = ugly, gossip none??? Boring I want a fight!

Haydn on behalf of a tired Tara


greggums said...

Good to hear from the blogger's other half. But I'm extremely disappointed that there is nary a piece of gossip from BDO. Impossible! If nothing, make up something good about Heath Ledger, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Heath came to the show, and spent all his time at the silent disco, I am sure tara will tell you much more about this activity in future post, I may have also just made that up.
All I saw none playing musician was Flea from the Chilli Peppers, and his wife and child, and Elanor from the firey furnaces with her crooked toothed boy from Franz.
So boring this year.

chunky toast said...

-- no more catering = sausage sizzles and white bread
-- water-bottled filled with urine found in White Stripes locked dressing room = big $ on eBay?!

still workin' = tara

Ann said...


Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Carts!!!
All work and no play makes for a sad birthday princess, please cut out early today and celebrate with a piece of cake, ice cream, a cocktail and whatever else them crazy Ozzies eat/drink to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. Hope all your birthday wishes come true!
Love you

shinyruby said...

HAPPY DAYS TO YOU miss chunky. will miss not taking you on for many a bevvie in bondi tonight but really, melbourne is a good enough reason.

miss you already! stelxxx