Saturday, January 14, 2006

After a long day's work...

It is starting to be a busy month...I will be helping out with the Big Day Out Sydney show and Haydn goes on tour with the festival next week, which likely means there won't be too many culinary or leisurely notes to share. However, it looks like I might become well-versed in Worker's Comp, Public Liability, and payroll taxes. Rock n' roll, man.

Here are a couple of pics from a night at our "local" as they call it -- the pub right up the hill from where we live, the dear old Royal. After a long day, Haydn and I met Joeley and some of her colleagues for a few beers and some Justin Timberlake and Yes on the jukebox.

Because most food places around us close at 10, we were out of luck for getting food. But hey, Dominoes came in in the clutch. Their thin n' crispy is pretty good. Especially after a schooner or two or three of Carleton.


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greggums said...

Good luck with all the work! But maybe you can use some of these newly built connections to answer me this: how could Our Heath and Our Michelle be sprayed with water at the Brokeback Mountain premiere?! The horror!

Also, what is Venus Williams wearing at the Aussie Open? Yikes.

Still, it's good to have the world's eyes on your part of the world!