Monday, January 09, 2006

Following the recipe

Well, I was mistaken. I was thrown for a loop. There was no BBQ'ing last night...there was Popsy cooking up a recipe from a Jamie Oliver book! The first time he has ever followed a recipe, he contended. And he bravely took on Venison with some kind of blueberry and juniper berry sauce. It is pretty hard to find venison around there parts, so he used beef. Not much juniper to be found either, but it didn't matter. It was a wonderful sauce, rich without being too sweet, and nice and fruity. We had salads as well as a chilled kind of Italian red wine, Lambusca. Nice for summer.

Dessert was homemade brownies by Michelle -- homemade! So chocolatey good are the homemade from scratch. And we looked at the half moon through a telescope and sat outside. Sometimes the quality of life in Sydney is ridiculously good.

And while there were no junipers, it seems there was also a lack of good lighting for the pics. I should have turned on the flash, but I think you get the drift...

Maybe we should invite Heath and Michelle over for Sunday dinner sometime...heh heh...Brokeback Mountain isn't out yet in Australia, but the media here is only has glowing things to say about Our Heath and once in awhile his Michelle and their Matilda. When you're an Aussie who really hits the big time, you get may get christened with the "Our" before your name everytime it appears in print. I think Tom Cruise was even an Our Tom back in the day.

--your tara

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greggums said...

Snap, that meat dish looks so good i might make a seitan version of it, just to take it still one step further from it's "naked" venison-y roots.

Does the "Our" get rescinded when "We" go crazy, or does it revert to "Their," as in They Can Have Him, Their TomKat.