Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sea legs to go with chicken wings

This might be a brief post, as I have just been alerted that the water at Bondi is perfect for a swim -- well, perfect for a whimp of the waves like myself. I am starting to get a bit more brave about diving into waves, but I have also been knocked over a couple of times, too. After one such knock-over, it took me a good 15 minutes to relocate my towel on the beach, altho that was mostly because the person next to me had left and I couldn't spot my landmark. So, it sounds like the water is quiet and very welcoming to the novice.

But, first, very important is the wondrous BBQ we had the other night. Thank goodness Pops and Michelle acquired that grill, and they acquired a Fisheroo too, a contraption for grilling fish. They picked up the fish, bream, Haydn got the chicken wings and away we went. Sadly, there aren't really Buffalo wings down here, so this was especially special with a lovely Thai marinade. I realize the picture of the bream and wings might be a bit graphic, but I don't think words do justice. It was one of those dinners of self-congratulations because it all turned out so well, and concluded with a sight I so treasure -- men doing dishes. Oh and a little warm apple pie a la mode was dessert, for good measure of course.

And, now, you understand why it is imperative to stop what I'm doing to go enjoy some calm ocean water, time for some fitness, without getting knocked over by the waves and tossed back onto the beach like the landlocked native I am. I will watch out for sharks (one was at Bondi last week) and these heinous surfer gangs and their meathead friends wreaking havoc at other beaches. Far, far away from being your typical Aussies, that is for sure.



melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear that's not typical! What a bunch of meatheads. Watch out for sharks.

We're in CT, retreating. It is cold but pretty. Wish you were here, M

greggums said...

Let's get some ruffage into the diet, please thanks.

chunky toast said...

don't fret greggums! i made a pretty good green salad with an oil, balsamic, grain mustard, white wine dressing...just didn't want to toot my own horn. and last night was veggie stir fry. i always make sure to get my broccoli, just wasn't sure if it makes for good reading if it isn't covered in velveeta. heh heh.