Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The fancified time of year

I hate to break it to the readers back in the northern hemisphere, but it's been another beautiful day in Sydney. I would say low 80s and requisite sun and blue skies. Times like this is when I realize I am pretty far away from the old stomping grounds of the midwest and east coast, because I can't really fathom the cold and snow. I think I might just be getting used to this as holiday weather...especially as Haydn and I ready for a trip up north. We're going to drive up to Brisbane starting tomorrow and make it a two day trip, and I'm thinking at last I will see a kangaroo out in the wild (or on the roadside where they are unfortunately rather prevalent).

It was a busy weekend with a holiday party in Surry Hills on Friday, a Mess Hall show at Annandale on Saturday night, and then the Tsubi (too-cool-for-school jeans label) and Modular record label party that Haydn coordinated down at Bondi. There was a wee bit of anxiety about the event at the beach what with the terrible rioting of late at other beaches, but with cops on every corner and with clearance to check cars, it was a pretty quiet beachfront. However, the fashion at the party was loud, and I am still smarting that I left my camera charging in the kitchen, so there are no shots to share. But a word of advice for next summer -- those 1980s one-piece shorts jumpsuits seem to be back, preferably in terry cloth! Yikes.

And last night, the esteemed principals of Level One Agency, Haydn and Adam, hosted a Christmas party for the bands they manage, The Mess Hall and Gerling, respectively. We headed to a pub, the Cricketers Arms, for tapas and drinks.

There were some lively little dishes, I must say, with the cauliflower fritter being a battered puff of crispy goodness. And how could I not think of my dear Greggums with the goat cheese-stuffed chilis? That's right: fancy j-poppers! And man, the red chili had some heat as you can see from my sort of hesitant/glazed look in the pic as I eat one. There was also pate with preserved onions (or jelly or marmaladed onions, something like that, pictured), sausage skewers, wonderful chips, marinated mushrooms. Delicious.

I should be able to get a post or two in up at Brisbane and the picturesque Stradbroke Island, but for now Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day -- I finally get to experience the day that is always on calendars as a UK, CAN, AUS holiday!

Happy holidays!


Amy said...

We also have beautiful blue skies here in NYC, but the temp is 23° and the transit strike started this a.m. What a mess!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2006.

Enjoy your trip. Drive safe.


ann said...

I must fight fire with, err, Ice as the case may be..."what is a christmas with no (pause) snow".

Bah who am I kidding, not even cute knee socks makes winter seem like a good idea. Heaps upon heaps of jealousy.

Wave to the kangaroos for me.


sam said...

have a great time, dude! please post some pix of the beach. wow that food looks yummy.

merry christmas!

p.s. they have those little terrycloth one-piece shorts jumpsuits at american apparel, of course!!