Sunday, August 24, 2008

Golly gee, modernist design!

We took a little field trip to the northern suburbs today, where the topography changes to tall leafy trees and majestic pines and foothills in the distance. Our destination was the landmark modernist design Rose Seidler House for the the 50s Fair. The house is very much in the vein of a Frank Lloyd Wright in terms of simplicity, smart design, natural touches. It is nestled down from the road amid the trees and kookaburras, engulfed in greenery.

There were plenty of pompadours, puffy dresses, cinched waists, and classic cars for the event. There are still many people steeped in the 50s who are not old enough to have been there for the first time around. Always an interesting phenomenon.

Here are some pics I took on my phone when my digital camera battery went kaput.

Also check out the pics on this site:

Love that fireplace.


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