Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baked Spaghetti, more than a meal

Before Haydn heads off into a new busy busy job, I thought I'd take advantage of house husband's time and request baked spaghetti for dinner. My mom makes this often when I return for a visit and it's a hearty favorite. We had not taken it upon ourselves to make it here, mostly bc of the numerous steps involved (frying, boiling, AND baking) but the time invested is worth many meals. In fact, 5 meals with more to spare...

Comprised of hamburger, green pepper, tomato, onion and black olives, mixed with noodles and held together with good ol' cream of mushroom, H added a bit of tomato paste and tobasco for his own signature version. Then smothered and covered in cheese.

We were really excited for this meal and it did not disappoint. A Wisconsin State Journal classic recipe!

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