Monday, August 11, 2008

The family that runs together...

Well, actually, Haydn and I don't run together but we did run the same race yesterday. I completed my third City 2 Surf, Sydney's 14k 'fun' run from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach. And, after a dozen or so years in Sydney, Haydn completed his very first! We didn't train together due to the novice being a wee bit intimidated by the season pro, but I have a feeling the final result will be pretty close to the same. The official times will be posted tomorrow.

As for songs that got me up that hill this year, I'd like to salute Supergrass' 'Moving,' Doves 'Pounding,' and just-as-anthemic-as-you'd-expect Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida.' Very Brit-influenced.

My work had a pretty good showing this year too and we had an ample amount of team spirit. We definitely didn't have one of fancy marquees with organic sausage sizzles, Cooper's Green and complimentary massages (then again is Goldman Sachs really do that anymore, either?!), but having an ice cold Toohey's and a sausage on white bread was a fine reward at the finish line.

Here's some post-race action, or lack thereof...

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