Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How soon is soon?

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The Smiths asked "How Soon is Now?" I ask, "How Soon is Soon?" I was walking home tonight and went past a store window I have been keeping my eye on for some time but with nary an indication that "Mexican Opening Here Soon" is indeed occuring in the near future. (Granted, this is if said Mexican is actually referring to Mexican cuisine...)

This poster went up probably 8 weeks ago or something and Haydn and I agreed that we don't care if it is merely mediocre -- maybe even not that good -- we just want a close, easy Mexican take-away place as an option. That doesn't seem to be too much to ask.

And you go and you stand on your own
and you leave on your own
and you go home and you just want to stop for a taco...



greggums said...

It's just got to be, no? Si! But in the mean time, howsabout Bungabar on 77 Hall? They've got nachos.

Briony said...

I love Mexican food. I don't think "soon" is soon enough!!
Hope you're having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

"take-away" and not "to go" ??? You are really becoming a true Aussie. Hope all is well Downunder.
I am slowly being worked to death...lots happening including Wilco going out on tour again this Fall and the return of Audra McD.

Miss your smiling face.

Amy G.