Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday midday pie

Mmm pie
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Where there used to a bike shop and then a surf shop, there is now a pie shop on Glenayr Avenue. It's called Funky Pies and the 'funky' must be in be in part because the pies use imitation meat. In other words, it's traditional food with slightly non-traditional ingredients. We both had the signature 'Funky Pie' with mushrooms, mash and vege-sausage. There was a nice sprinkling of some kind of very brown seasame seeds on top that were quite disntictive too. The mushy peas were nice and thick and the brown gravy was rich and hearty. I didn't really need the faux sausage in it - mushrooms and mash would have been enough.

To note -- you get mushy peas AND mash on the side, but that would have put me over the edge for noon. You get pie + peas + mash + gravy for $8. That's good eatin'!

I think I'll go back for the soya chicken, cheese and broccoli pie too.

- chunkytoast

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