Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adventures in breakfasting

12 pancakes!
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We headed all the way to Newtown this morning for breakfast and retro furniture shopping. I love this chalkboard: 12 pancakes! No matter how mini they are, I dont know how one person could handle a DOZEN pancakes. I am glad, however, to see Organic Maple Syrup being touted as the stuff in the supermarket here is decidedly non-natural.

This wasn't our final destination though...

We opted for Corelli's in the old High School for the Performing Arts (this of course, makes me think 'FAME' which I just watched an episode of). Our table was tiny and I had to sit on what is basically a glorified footstool, but great food and efficient if not overly warm service made up for it.

Haydn and I both ordered the Tortilla Breakfast. I thought it would be served like a buritto but as you can see it was something slightly different: bacon, spinach, tomato, cheese and mushroom on a crisp tortilla topped with a fried egg. The only think missing was jalapenos.

It was a nice way to re-think the Mexican breakfast. So glad to see this kind of option increasingly more prevalent on Sydney breakfast menus.

- chunkytoast

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