Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 4th Annual

Haydn and I had our 4th Thanksgiving together this year. The first was in snowy Cambridge, MA, this year was in North Bondi with the balcony door open, a calm early summer night, and rather exciting federal election to provide the conversation piece. Change is afoot in Australia, or at least the long-term incumbent was voted out after 11 years and there is new Prime Minister from the left-leaning Labor party. We shall what comes of Kevin Rudd's tenure.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Haydn's tenure as Thanksgiving chef is becoming the stuff of legend. The food tells it all. Oh and I baked the pies and would like to thank Gregg for bringing me Libby's canned pumpkin a year ago. That stuff still had a year of shelf life left.

Twas wonderful to introduce more people to Thanksgiving, for such a rather elaborate meal it's about a pretty simple sentiment.

And, Haydn, colour coordinating with the pumpkin pie.

Happy Holidays,

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