Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Big Winner, part 2

And, now for part deux of the post...I visited the Beach Burrito Company for a fourth time and found a real winner. After a mix of good enough (burritos) and disappointing (no-melt nachos) , I went back for the quesadillas. After a highly leisurely day and an afternoon swim, I found a menu in my beach bag and couldn't resist the lure of my dear friends chipotle, guacamole, and three cheeses.

After ordering, the guy at the counter said "Amy, right?" because they call out your name when an order is ready. I corrected him, but I think I might now be a regular, or else I have a Bondi doppleganger named Amy who likes Mexican food, too.

But the BBQ chipotle chicken quesadilla was sublime. The chicken had a great grilled taste, and the three cheeses did a fine job of melting. Plus, this is a lovely, filling meal because it includes chips, salsa (very fresh with coriander(AU)/cilantro(USA)), and guac. The chips, which I did give due credit to in my earlier post, are sooo good there - thick, crispy, salty, seemingly made on premises. Well done, and I quite enjoyed the dining music of The Smiths Best of.

Beach Burrito Company gets it right.

Pictorial proof:

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