Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flat white artistry!

Flat white artistry!
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I've been apartment hunting the last 4 weekends...the last three on my own while Haydn has been on Big Day Out. For the most part, it's been a series of mild disappointments. You are ready to pay more for more space, more amenities and yet there are many a cruddy apartment out there masquerading as something special based on the online real estate photos.

Well, this morning I nearly hit a wall when I found a beautiful apartment, in a really nice location, with closets and a dishwasher and a car spot and...up on a 5th floor building with no elevator.

I asked the realtor if I missed an elevator by chance and he said no, but I could quit my gym membership if I moved in. I told him I'll be pushing a pram (stroller) around in a few months so the stairs make things a bit hard. Then some old broad who had been gabbing away to him said the stairs were all the more reason to get the kid walking early.

And with that, I said thank you and sought a bit of peace and quiet at the lovely little Bondi Junction cafe, Sugar. Peaceful, friendly and a menu with many options. I ordered a BLAT and a coffee. When the coffee arrived, I couldn't help but feel very thankful for that little bit of beauty the barista gave it.

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