Monday, November 27, 2006

the visitors from o'er there

The highlights are so many, beginning with ann, lucy, gregg, laura, and andy all coming over for beer and wine and segueing into a night in Bondi (re: Thai Ploy and BBs), with my bro and the incredible Jen announcing their engagement. There was makeup shopping at the Jungga, Target shopping at the Jungga, the big wedding day and the incredible dancing Johnston kids (my nieces and nephews). There was the Hunter Valley trek with my parents (and 2 Kiwis, and 6 Finns) and some very generous wineries. The Opera House tour was another highlight, as was the adorable, happy Norwegian baby in our tour group.

The afternoon at Manly brought the first ocean dip of the season as well as a delicious $5 ice cream cone -- makes me think of the $5 milkshake in Pulp Fiction. We trekked across the Harbour Bridge to Luna Park and its amusements. Laura, Andy, and I took in the Convict Museum and Laura and I tried out the hammocks the cons used to sleep in. (And we looked up our own last names in the convict data base).

There was a most spectular, elaborate cornucopia of Thanksgiving on Thursday at the beautiful Beach House. Three kitchens, 2 sweet potato dishes, and a table for 13 made for a glorious night in Bondi. All present: Mom, Dad, Tara, Haydn, Ann, Lucy, Gregg, Uz, Kathie, Sophie, Joeley, Andy, Laura. We didn't have football action, but we had Kath & Kim DVDs for post-turkey.

Oh, I'm so wistful now about it all, I can't believe my family and friends were here on my street, in my corner of the world, enjoying the breakfast spots of Bondi (Sun Cafe, Skinny Dip, Bondi Cafe, Baristas...). Most memorable times...

it looks like they're discussing world peace, but the topic was actually how to glue on fake eyelashes.

Ella and Ainsley

Tara and Laura striking a Young Hollywood Starlet pose

Either my dad can look pretty cool watching my mom's purse, or it was the shot of Dragon's Bite that we just sampled

Backdrop: Harbour Bridge

Backdrop: Opera House

Tara & Andy (nice shirt!)

Kathie & Gregg

Pa & the husband

The gang's all here

Ann in the warm glow of candlelight

Laura & I love to tour anything spooky and sordid: convict residence, check!

Much love!


Anonymous said...

It was all absolutely perfect, every last moment of it, from the first beer in Bondi to the last sip of cider in Surry Hills (plus the wedding and Thanksgiving and bushwalking w/Jumpy's and Opera House touring and zoo visiting and Kath & Kim watching and flat white consuming by the bucket and everything else in between). Miss you heaps already! Love you, Johnstons! --greggums (having trouble logging in)

William Miller said...

I was wondering what those backdrops were...